“…heart-stopping and unrivaled beauty… This was supremely musical playing, well thought out, yet of the moment.”

“…pinpoint accuracy, impressively drilled runs and a generous dash of communicative dazzle.”

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“…a flamboyant performing style and a tone pure and clear enough to enwrap the audience…”

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“Hye-Jin Kim, the first violinist, played her concerto-soloist-like part with panache…”

“The finale bubbled with excitement, led by Kim’s compelling playing and nicely-shaped phrasing… Kim’s performance had a buoyancy that kept the listener riveted.”

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“Kim played with marvelous accuracy, perfectly drilled runs and a sizable helping of all-out show biz.”

Palm Beach Arts Paper

“Simply put, the best performances of Bach and Mozart… Her Bach was absolutely sublime.”

Helsinki Daily

“Miss Kim’s playing is superb – warm, polished, expressive – supported and amplified by the pianist’s sensitive accompaniment. The recorded sound is spacious and balanced. With the musical and technical side buttoned up, the frosting on the cake is the program: except for the Debussy, all music that one doesn’t hear often.”

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“…it was her superb interpretation of the fantasy’s old Scottish melodies, by turns lyrical, joyful, and dazzling, that won the hearts of her audience.”

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Classical Voice of North Carolina

“Hye-Jin Kim is a superb violinist and a wonderful musician. She plays with tremendous commitment, understanding and passion. She manages to convey a very personal view of the music and her playing of lyrical passages is particularly touching. In other words, she is a real artist.”

Miriam Fried

“…the most pure and beautiful sound I have heard on a violin.”

Jaime Laredo

“…a total sincerity and honesty. You hear the beauty of her heart.”

Mitsuko Uchida